Friday, July 9, 2010

Trenton 2 year check up

So this morning we called and got Trent an appointment for his 2 year wellness check up. I never seem to be able to make appointments ahead of time because I can only really do afternoon appointments and my Doctors office only does morning ahead of time and when you call in for the same day do they allow for later in the afternoon. (My life would be a lot easier if they would let me make an appointment for 4 pm ahead of time.) So today is a day off so we call first thing this morning and actually got him in at 11:30. Now Trent turned 2 about a month ago and we tried to get him in then but we really didn't feel a rush since he has that 2 month delay. Some doctors would consider him 25 months old others would say he is only 23 months old. But any way we went in there and found he is now 33 1/2 inches tall and weighs about 25.5 lbs. I'm actually amazed by his weight he hasn't gained much in the last 3 months but boy can this kid eat. Overall he is healthy and have no problems except the delay in speech but we are working on that with Early Intervention and he is doing great at learning Sign Language. Today was also the last day for shots until he is 5. Where did the time go. He is growing up way to quickly.

Monday, July 5, 2010

So for the 4th of July we did it a bit different this year. My family rented a cabin in Island Park, however, my family and James didn't have time or money to make it. So on Saturday (I went to work) Greg and Trent and most of the rest of the Barbieri Family went to the West Jordan Parade. Then they came home and we did our regular Saturday Shopping. On Sunday, Trent and I woke up sick so we stayed home from church and then for dinner we did Tin foil dinners out side in our fire pit and of course if we have a fire one must do S'mores. We used these giant size Marsh mellows, they were a ton of fun. We then did a few fireworks because Nic would not be with us on Monday when we actually celebrate with the rest of the family. It was all really fun and great food. We still missed the family in Island Park but we did get some downtime which we don't always take around here.

Trenton playing in the yard.(this is the yucky side of the yard)

James eating one of those Giant Marshmellows.

Jessica eating one too.

The kids by the fire pit.

Yummy tin-foil dinners

getting ready for the parade.

Lindsey's Birthday

So for Lindsey's 23 birthday Amber and I decided to try a 3 tier cake. It actually turned out quite nice and I don't think we would hesitate from making another one. I think it is amazing how much we have improved from last year when we made Trent's first birthday cake and I bet in the future we may try harder cakes. (I still would like to try a topsy turvey cake) But for now I think we are good with cake until at least the end of July. It is way to hot to bake anything. I'm all for cooking outside all the time or eating sandwiches and salads. Or maybe just lots of ice cream. The Haagen-Dazs was amazing but pricey but we have discovered that the Kroger brand is quite good and when they have it on sale for 99 cents who can say no to ice cream.

Perfect Ice Cream!

Lindsey's 23 Birthday Cake.
(let just say Amber and I are GOOD!)

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Trent's Birthday Cake

So before I start my next adventure with cake (my sister in law lindsey is getting one this coming weekend) I thought I would show off Trent's. We (my sister in law amber and I) sat for hours trying to decide which kind of cake to make. We thought about trucks, Mickey mouse, a big number 2 and much much more. But in the end we decided to make the Rocket from little Einsteins. If you haven't seen it picture a big red (flying saucers) style rocket. The number one problem was how big to make it and my in laws hate red icing because it taste weird. So we went and bought a 12 in round pan for the base and an 8 in round pan for the top and I already had mini muffin pans for the sides. We used one large bottle of no-taste red wilton food paste and a little bit of piping and this is what you get. I'm very proud of it and Trent was so excited when he say it.

Since his birthday we have been busy with Greg's grandmother passing and father's day. But over all of this I'm very excited to have my family around me. On Saturday June 19 my parent came from Idaho just to visit and I love having them around along with my lovely sister in law and her daughter who live with us and my ever listening brother James. I really don't know how somedays I would make it through the day with him. I love all of you.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Trent's Second Birthday

So Trent turned 2 last week and well he had a great old time. We actually just took it easy on his birthday since his daddy still had to work and then the next day Greg's Grandmother passed away. But we still took the kids swimming to keep their mind off it and to make sure Trent had a good Birthday. On Saturday we attempted and it came out pretty darn cool a Little Einstein Rocket Cake. (hopefully We will have pictures to follow) but on Sunday we actually had a family party in which Greg and I made some amazing steak burritos. Then we had cake and opened a ton of gifts. He received a lot of little Einstein's, Thomas the train and toy story gifts. Trenton is so cute and gets so excited and ohhh and ahhs at everything.

Long time no post

So I decided this morning since life is a bit hectic and I don't have anything better to be doing to update my blog. Greg's Grandmother Gailey passed away this last week and after reading through and talking about her history I decided that if I want to make sure my kids and grandkids get it right I better start writing down my own history.

So over the course of the last year or so we have purchased a home and tried to find a calming place in our lives. Trenton just turned two and well he is the smartest kid ever. We are having a bit of trouble with getting him to speak but that is all he is really a smart kid that will probably start talking our ears off soon. Also when we moved we brought Amber (my sister-in-law) and her beautiful daughter Jessica. Who by the way became an official Barbieri in November 2009. We love having them here with us and being part of their lives.

We are doing great on so many levels. We enjoy our ward here in west valley. They welcomed us right away and promptly put me and Amber into Primary which of course is one of my favorite places to be and Greg is part of the Young men's Presidency which challenges him just enough to get him on the move. Greg now is a lifeguard and spends most of his days in a pool. (how would that be) and I still work for Marriott and love every minute of it. That is kinda of a quick over view over the last year. Hopefully now I will be better and posting and will update more often.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Trent's new car

I really think Greg loves this walker as much as Trent does.